The brand’s story starts 20 years ago in France. Exquisite Mademoiselle Jolie jewellery is inspired by the tender love spirit of Philippe and Isabelle Dubois founded the brand of subtle jewellery.

Keeping their passion Mademoiselle Jolie jewellery conveys the unconquerable spirit of interattraction and warm and cordial relationship of dearest people. Mademoiselle Jolie soon gained the connoisseurs’ favoir and found the followers not only in France but in Europe and USA.

Nowadays lovers all over the world signify their tender feelings and fond attitude to each other with amazing Mademoiselle Jolie creations.

The mystery black box with golden letters engraved still keeps the symbol of tender love being the most desirable gift for unforgettable moments of life.

Mademoiselle Jolie Desire Box is related to deep feelings and sensation of happiness getting hearts to beat faster.

First touch of luxury black surface, a long dreamt-of opening moment of Desire Box delights and makes her absolutely happy. She never forgets the moment…